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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 4, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. get ready because we've got great videos "right this minute." >> giving birth on the boardwalk. a scene of chaos is about to get -- >> even crazier. >> what happened that sent the crowd over the edge. >> oh, my god. >> sir, please get back to your car for me now! >> a state trooper makes a basic traffic stop but -- >> keep watching the video. >> the moment things go from chill to chilling.
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>> it's really crappy outside. >> leaving the cold in search of hot and bothered is all part of -- >> alaskan women looking for love. >> meet the fun loving stars of a new tlc show. >> this is a love comedy for sure. >> and a video whose time has come. the story behind the dare devil in skivies. >> all i can see is how far down that drop is. >> there's a drop? >> the boardwalk in coney island turned into something quite different recently. a girl down on the boardwalk, cops around, people helping. is she having a baby? >> looks like it, right? >> on the boardwalk! >> this is a flak bashback fromt you just saw. you apparently see her water break. >> this is apparently the
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father, this bald guy. this lady in the hat is just trying to, like, lend a hand. and then -- >> oh, my goodness. >> now it's about to get even crazier. >> really, jimmy? really? >> are you serious? [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> get the [ bleep ] out of my face! >> there's some sort of lover's triangle here. eventually the police do come, help this lady up. they get her on to a stretcher, get her into an ambulance and you hope she's okay. and yet this is a prank. >> okay. >> those other two people were involved, too. >> her name is miss muffin prank. she does like to push the envelope in her pranks. you saw what looked like guts on the boardwalk. she said it was melted chocolate, peanuts, crushed s r
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cereal with a sauce. >> the amount of resources this woman wasted. >> this is one of the bad parts of the internet, that when people try to make a video so badly they don't consider the resources wasted. this is taking it too far. >> a terrifying scene unfolded on the side of the highway near portland, oregon. it was all caught on dash cam. this is on the patrol car of oregon state trooper matt distil car over fo speeding. the man gets out. that's 34-year-old john allen. >> sir, get back in the car for
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me. you were speeding. sir, get back in the car now. >> you see him take almost a military stance. >> he looks like he's in fatigues and his hand is behind his waist band. >> doesn't look good at all. >> you were speeding! >> oh, no! >> what the heck. >> shots fired, shots fire! 53-6, shots fired! >> and there are other people in the car, too. >> inside the car are van al i don't know's three children. >> how old are they? >> a 10-year-old daughter and two teen-age sons. >> i've been hit in the side. i'm okay. suspect left. >> he does say "i'm okay." a bullet did go through his
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side. other officers respond to his call for help. he's okay, taken to the hospital, treated and released. they start looking for val allen. half a mile down the road, they find van allen's car, his children still inside of it. van allen was dead. >> what? >> van allen was shot in the chest during the gun fire and it was a fatal wound. this happened on august 29th. this video has just been released because the district attorney just found that the trooper was justified in using deadly physical force in this incident. they did say that he acted in self-defense. >> a pair of wild weather videos and videos of these tornadoes popping up all over the web. this tornado over ireland, a freak tornado that touched down,
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only lasted a few minutes but did manage to cause some damage. no deaths thankfully related to the tornado. it killed some livestock and completely destroyed an historic cemetery, knocking over headstones in that area. here's another look at that same tornado. you see the church steeple. the people here are quite surprised at what they're seeing. >> oh, my god. >> it looks like it's in a residential area. it is remarkable no one was injured. >> reports say about 700 homes lost electricity in this tornado over ireland. now, to another island community. over po puerto rico. >> this one looks like a geyser or that something's on fire or something. almost looks like smoke. >> it does at the beginning but it does pick up energy. once the sky picks up defbury, it looks a lot less like steam
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or smoke. see the trees start to blow back and forth? then you really hear the wind. >> oh! >> yup, tree goes down right outside of that window. this guy appears to be driving along in his car, shooting out the windshield. see what looks to be a cloud turn into a tornado when you see the debris and stuff getting flung into the air. this perspective a little different. this house is up on the hill. you get to see the coastline out in the distance and all the trees. there's that darker cloud dropping down now. reports say at least two homes were damaged, one completely destroyed. another the roof was ripped off. in both cases the families weren't home at the time. that's a relief. >> another set of shocking videos from the road. this is in colombia. it's somewhat of a busy road. two pedestrians are waiting right there in that median for traffic to stop so they can
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continue crossing the street. it's hard to tell where the green light is, where the red light is. >> cross at your own risk. >> oh, no, it took him out! >> another vehicle comes, t-bones this vehicle. the two pedestrians are dragged several hundred yards. believe it or not, they survive with minor injuries. >> that's a miracle. >> police say the person driving the truck ran the red light and wasn't obeying the rules. considering what we've seen, it's difficult to tell what happened. it's not clear from the video. >> here's a video from russia. pay attention right here. did you see what just happened? there was a person getting out of that bus but that bmw decided to go on the curb to get past all the traffic and it ended up running a 29-year-old woman over. you see that? >> what? >> just someone trying to get
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off the bus at the bus stop? >> yeah. >> on the sidewalk. >> oh, on the sidewalk. >> the driver of that other car takes off, keeps going, ends up ditching the car, running home but police were able to catch up to this 17-year-old boy and they ended up arresting him. he is in custody according to reports. >> how is it it the woman who was run over? >> unfortunately she was taken to the hospital with very serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury and fractured pelvis. >> robbers storm into a jewelry store and as soon as they get in, they are able to disarm the guard and break into those showcases. see how this speedy heist made for a big haul. and two guys climb up while -- the clues come off. >> why stripping down to their skivies is oh, so stylish.
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just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. this week, folgers is $6.88 for the large size. that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls. and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. don't forget there's an app for rtm, watch videos any time wherever you are. >> a trip to a st. goerges county nail salon turns horrifying. two men walking inside this nail salon have something bad in the works. >> pretty flashy jacket to be robbing a place. >> that guy in the flashy jacket has a gun. both are armed and they're going
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in to rob this place. they rifle through the drawers and through this woman's pockets. this is probably a little old lady and he's shaking her down for his money. not on does he reach into her pockets, he kicks her and then hits her over the head with a gun. and they got away. the police department still looking for these guys. >> what a scumbag. >> we go to russia. you could call it "gone in 60 seconds seconds." as soon as they get in, they're able to disarm the guard and dump things from the showcase into the bags. they got away with $933,000 in jewelry that they stole. >> that guard was rendered useless pretty quick. >> if you look, that man has a sawed-off shotgun he's pointing
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at the guard. >> a small place, too, for them to steal that much merchandise. they could have cleaned the whole place out. >> they were literally in and out in about a minute. >> they did it in 50 seconds. >> finding love can be a tough thing. ladies from the island of kodiak, alaska say location can make it even tougher. >> we have a saying here in alaska about our men. the odds are good. >> besides like doing the dishes, what are your guys' other hobbies? >> but the good can be kind of odd. >> this is all part of a six-part series about to air on tlc called "alaskan women looking for love." >> my friends and i are getting our frost bitten butts in gear and heading south to sunny miami. >> it's like humid kind of. >> yeah, we have to start taking
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our clothes off. >> they're airing their stories out for anyone to see. >> at least here it's different and we have the beach. >> we can find how it works out. we have it would have the alaskan ladies. tina and sabina. how was the change from alaska to miami for you? >> i loved it. i will never forget when the plane hit the ground and how hot it was and just how like there's palm trees on buildings and all the beautiful men. and the girls are like gorgeous, too. so like immediately we hit the floor but we were ready to take on miami and explore. it was awesome. >> so how is it going with the boys? have you guys find anyone? >> oh, you got to wait and watch the show to find out! >> tell us some of the crazy moments we can expect to see if we tune in on tlc. >> it's going to be hilarious.
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when you get all six of us in the same room, we're so different. when all six of us are there, it just like -- it's super entertaining. >> we don't have like perfect chiselled bodies like some of these other love show girls do, you know what i mean? so this is a love comedy for sure. it's not just about us finding love and going on dates. what you'll see is our lives changing. >> we should go to get miami makeovers. >> if you want to watch alaskan women looking for love, it premieres on tlc on sunday, october 6 at 10 p.m. >> travel for adventure and to give back. >> and still to come, what do do you if you're asked to be a bridesmaid and a photographer at your best friend's wedding? you strap a go-pro camera on yourself. >> see the up close and personal
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perspective. >> seems like we're there. >> plus what happens when people are led to believe there's a lion on the loose. >> y'all better check with that is.
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if you're a wedding photographer, you probably would expect your friends to take pictures on your wedding day. but what do you do if that friend also asks you to be a bridesmaid? >> double duty. >> how do you multi-task? >> how do you multi-task that? >> you strap a camera on yourself. >> you may recognize this gorgeous bridesmaid. she's our producer alicea. >> she takes awesome pictures. >> she does. you get the nerves when you're in a wedding, you're walking
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down the aisle, everyone is staring. >> i saw her with a go-pro and i thought what kind of extreme sport is she going to record with that? >> we actually hear the intimate conversations happening between the bridesmaids as the bride is coming down the aisle. >> i had one of those. >> you're experiencing the wedding as if you were the bridesmaid in the weldidding. >> yeah, we're like in the wedding party. feel like i should give a gift or something. >> and we even get to hear the vows. >> and there's our gorgeous alicea! >> take a nap with the cat.
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>> ladies, i'm going to give back a little bit on this video. after all the videos you've had to sit through and rihanna videos, i'm going to give you a little man candy. this is actually a short film showing off the entire paul smith autumn fall wardrobe. they get up to the top of the mountain and the clothes come off. >> i like that fashion show. i thought you might. beth, you prefer a pudgier guy. >> my hands are sweaty. i can't even focus on the underwear, i don't care. all i can see is how far down that drop is.
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that's all can i see. >> there's a drop? >> but the behind-the-scenes video of this whole thing reveals it was about 41 degrees. >> and they're in their -- >> they're in their drawers. no harness, just a rope tied around his ankles. look at that. hanging upside down. >> do those jockey shorts double as diapers? >> that's sweaty. head on over to you can also use our
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the job of a mailman is generally to deliver mail, not mow the lawn. i think this mail person was
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confused because she decided to drive on the lawn, all the way to the front steps. >> i can see if she did it by accident but she kept going. >> this was completely intentional. once she gets to the front step, she casually takes the belt off, grabs the package, doesn't throw it but casually tosses it in the front, gets back in and drives off like it's no big deal. >> did she think this was a round-about driveway? >> i'm going to go with no. >> i guess not because she's backing up. >> she didn't have far to walk. >> some people are speculating maybe she's filling in for someone else because she's not really wearing a mail-person uniform. >> that's a strange video. >> it is. >> he can play the trumpet. >> do the trumpet. good.
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♪ >> remember we showed that video of the prankster tricking people into believing there was an escape lion? he's at it again but this time he teamed up vitale and they're calling this lion prank. >> the dogs running. >> those people who look like they work in the medical field, and when they start running, everyone else starts running, too. >> they've got a speaker somewhere so people will hear the muffled roar and they all get scared. >> y'all better check that. y'all better check what that is. >> in the park, they start running and they have on outfits
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that make them look like zoo keepers. >> these people start running. at one point they run across a guy who is dressed like this. >> got the hat on. i thought you were team b. >> but this guy is not having any of it. >> you just came up to me while i was on the phone telling me about a [ bleep ] lion and there ain't no lion over there. >> these guys are so good because they don't just crack up during the whole crank. see him there? he's trapped in that radio! >> he said he was trapped in the radio. >> go, go, go, go go, he's loose! >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you ne
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web "right this minute." >> creeper on aisle three. a guy's accused of getting close to shoppers so he can -- >> shoot up their skirt, take photos up their skirt. >> what cops say happen when somebody confronted him. >> she's one of the youngest victims of the government gridlock. >> 4-year-old


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